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…if its flyable we will be out flying

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Training again 30/03/16

After a long look at the weather forecasts we decided to cancel the EP and tasters and call in the CP students.

We meet up at 15:00 for some theory and ground training then flew until sunset.

Well done Nigel and Chris, some really great flying and ground handling. 

Dave and I are staff training tomorrow as it’s far to thermic for safe training. We will report on how we get on. 


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Day five and six and week summary

Day five was another unusually windy day with a strong westerly, but having already covered all the required air tasks for the EP and CP students, we headed off to one of the landing fields for a long session of reverse launch practice and ground handling. The EPs, Monica, Cezar and Tom all picked it up with the greatest of ease and were soon launching and controlling the wings around the field. Rob, Conor and John all practised their already excellent ground handling while Lee and I looked on with a critical eye!



Day six dawned grey but with a good afternoon forecast we had a relaxed morning during which we gave the students the good news that they had all passed their EP or CP courses with flying colours (excuse the pun!), before heading up to Little Church, a lovely launch overlooking the coast. After I had a quick check of the conditions on the gorgeous 777 King the crew all had a delightful late afternoon flight out with the castle and coast on one side and the snow capped Mount Olympus on the other…..a perfect way to end the flying week.


So to summarise, what can we say? Well, we had a great bunch of enthusiastic and fun students, an excellent guide in Stelios and his family, and a great hotel with brilliant staff. Although the weather was not perfect at times, we achieved lots, got all the course objectives completed and flew some beautiful sites in the process. All in all a brilliant trip and we already have a number of dates pencilled in for further EP and CP courses and XC weeks through the year.

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Greece Day 3&4

Day three was a non flying day due to stronger winds, but we covered theory lectures ready for the EP exams and had a very pleasant afternoon in the sun. Day four started with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Conor and a breakfast of birthday cake…..the perfect way to start the day! Then it was back to Farkadona where the EP students completed more med/high flights and the CPs did lots of ground handling and flights off the main training slope before returning to the hotel for exams. Lots of tired faces so looks like an early night for everybody.

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Greece Day 2

Another fantastic day here in sunny Greece. We started the day at the training slope where the EP students completed 5 more medium flights with turns. Then we headed to the bigger mountains for some higher flights with both the EP and CP group. Lots of happy but tiered students, more of the same tomorrow.


Greece Day 1

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So here we are, sat in a lovely little pizzeria with a cold beer at the end of a great first day. The first part of the day was spent at the training slope where the EPs had their first hops after a session of ground handling and the CPs honed their launching skills. Then it was off to the soaring site where the CPs had a lovely soaring flight as the sun settled towards the horizon…….not a bad first day!   

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Greece 2016

So for once we managed to get away early and here we are, settled into our hotel for a relaxing afternoon Before heading off to sunny Greece in the morning. The weather forecast is good and we are looking forward to an enjoyable training week.