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…if its flyable we will be out flying

The Team

At Cloudbase our aim is for you to progress as quickly as possible in a relaxed and friendly environment where safety is paramount. We run training courses throughout the year.

We run Air Experience days, BHPA certified training courses and flying trips overseas.BHPA

Cloudbase Paragliding is a British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered flying school.


Lee BlighLee BlighChief Flying Instructor at Cloudbase, has been flying since 1987, has over 4500 hours in the air and has been teaching since 1993. He left the RAF in 2007 and is passionate about helping others to get the most out of their flying.

Lee has seen the sport develop from the very begining and has competed at international level throughout Europe. He was the RAF champion and RAF team captain for five years. This experience has been put to good use building a school with an enviable safety record.

Lee is justifiably proud of the standard of pilots who have graduated from Cloudbase; a standard that is frequently commented on by senior coaches in local clubs and abroad.  Cloudbase graduates have a fantastic feeling of belonging and many continue to fly together both in the UK and Europe on Cloudbase holidays.

coxy2Dave Cox-Senior Paragliding Instructor who joined Cloudbase Paragliding at the outset. He started flying gliders and motor gliders in 1984 and embarked on his first paragliding adventures in 1993 when he first met up with Lee. They have been sharing the magic of paragliding ever since throughout Europe, both in competition and on expeditions.

Dave spent 20 fun-filled years as an aircraft engineer in the RAF and during that time was Joint Services Alpine paragliding champion four times.

Moving onto powered aviation following a brief spell flying hangliders, Dave gained his PPL and microlight licence and now splits his time instructing both with Cloudbase and a microlight flying school.


Simon Payne – Tow Instructor and Hill Air Experience Instructor

Simon is a qualified Tow Instructor and hill air experience instructor.

A keen paramotor pilot, having flown from lands end to Scotland in 2008, he can regularly be spotted buzzing around his home town of Thame.

Simon also has a PPL and flies light aircraft, and is also a senior coach with the local Tvhgc club.

Fiona (Fi or Mrs Moose)

Fiona Burgess left the RAF rather longer ago but has kept flying in her blood and finally took up paragliding after several years of living in Wiltshire and watching the paragliders soaring over the local hills. Fiona doesn’t instruct but joins the team out flying whenever possible in Britain and overseas and is always happy to chat on the phone or out on the hill to help other people.

Fiona and Lee got together (with the full support of their partners) to create Cloudbase Paragliding in 2009 to bring the joys of this wonderful sport to anyone who is willing to listen to them.


Nik Valiris – Tow and Hill Trainee Instructor who started flying with Cloudbase in 2008.  He is also a club coach and dedicated committee member with our local paragliding club TVHGC.  He can be seen regularly flying on the club sites, trips abroad and helping with student training.

Lee, Fi, Dave

The whole, perfectly formed team at Cloudbase just wants everyone to fly as much as possible, so we’ll be poring over the weather forecasts and the crystal ball to eke out any flyable moments.

You’ll also meet Air Dogs Hector, Bobby, Patsy and Hamish if you come and fly with Cloudbase.


Fi Lee Dave

With a strong emphasis on balancing safety with fun, you’ll get high with Cloudbase!

For more information or to book a place,
please telephone Lee on 07795 632710.
Or email sales@cloudbaseparagliding.comWe aim to answer all queries as soon as humanly possible. Email or mobile phone is the quickest way.To book a course or air experience day online now click here
Visit us on Facebook or join the chat on the Cloudbase forum.
Registered OfficeCloudbase Paragliding LtdWoodlands
Wiltshire SN9 5PG
United Kingdom
MapRegistered No. 06887967

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